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Regional Country Participation

The IEC currently has 60 Full Member Countries (with voting rights), 23 Associate Member Countries and 85 Affiliate Countries (observer countries). Within each IEC committee, countries have either Observer status (O) or Participation status (P). To view a list of IEC Members and their status on the IEC website, click here, or to view a list of the the Affiliate Countries, click here.


An IEC member is referred to as a National Committee (NC). Each National Committee represents its nation's electrotechnical interests. National Committees can include:


  • Manufacturers, providers, distributors and vendors
  • Consumers and users
  • All levels of governmental agencies
  • Professional societies and trade associations
  • Standards developers


Technical Committees (TCs) prepare standards and other technical publications, which are voted on prior to approval as international standards. See IEC Lighting Committees for more information on the Technical Committee for lighting products.


If you would like to participate in the work of an IEC Technical committee, please contact your National Committee. For more information on National Committees, and for a link to the details of the National Committee for your country, click here.