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Resources for policymakers and regulators

This section provides links to a range of materials which provide a valuable resource for policymakers and regulators when considering setting up or revising standards and labelling policies for energy efficient lighting. 


This includes the: Reports and Guides


Periodically, produces reports and guides at the request of members. Copies of those that are publically available can be downloaded via the links below.



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ASEAN SHINE - Lighting materials


The ASEAN Standards Harmonization Initiative for Energy efficiency (ASEAN SHINE) is a United Nations Environment Programme-International Copper Association (UNEP-ICA) initiative implemented under the steering of the ten ASEAN Ministries of Energy. Initiated in 2013, ASEAN SHINE started with a focus on air conditioners with the ambitious objective of market transformation in favor of higher efficiency air conditioners. Following the success in this sector, ASEAN SHINE was extended in early 2016 to include lighting products under ASEAN SHINE - Lighting.


Following the same methodology adopted for air conditioners, ASEAN SHINE - Lighting has started work to harmonize ASEAN standards for efficient lighting (with priority on liner fluorescent lamps and non-directional LED) and develop a regional policy roadmap to set long-term aspirational goals in terms of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and market transformation (which will be followed by national policy roadmaps).


Copies of the materials developed as part of the ASEAN SHINE - Lighting project can be downloaded via the links below.



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Copies of the documents and presentations from past meetings and workshops can be downloaded via the links below.
























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Southeast Asia and Pacific Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement Project 


Copies of the materials developed as part of the en.lighen Southeast Asia and Pacific MVE Project can be downloaded via the links below or via the UNEP en.lightened learning portal.


                 - Developing Lighting Product Registration Systems
                 - Efficient Lighting Market Baselines and Assessment
                 - Enforcing Efficient Lighting Regulations
                 - Good Practices for Photometric Laboratories
                 - Performance Testing of Lighting Products
                 - Product Selection and Procurement for Lamp Performance Testing 

                 - Best Practices for Enforcing Efficient Lighting Regulations

                 - CIE Test Method Standard for LED Lamps

                 - Communication of Lighting Product Performance Standards and Labelling Programmes to Supply                        Chain Providers

                 - Developing a Legislative Framework to Support Successful Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement                    Activities for Energy Efficient Lighting

                 - Evaluation Indicators for Energy Efficient Lighting MVE Policy

                 - How to Create and Operate a Lighting Product Registration System

                 - Lamp Product Performance Tests and Interpretation of Results

                 - Lighting Product Benchmarking as an Energy Baseline for Change

                 - Lighting Product Registration Systems: Design and Operation

                 - Market Baselines and Surveillance for Efficient Lighting Products

                 - Testing Lamp Efficacy, Lumen Maintenance, Rated Life and Uncertainties


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IEC Meeting and Webinar materials


Information on IEC meetings that have been attended by participants and the presentations from the webinars that were held to inform members of the proceedings of some of these meetings can be downloaded via the links below.



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