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What is

lites stands for Lighting Information and Technical Exchange for Standards. Between 2009 and June 2017, sought to facilitate policymaker cooperation within the Asia region to:


  • Improve knowledge of the standards in force and under development across the region.
  • Increase participation of regional economies in the IEC standards development process to ensure resulting test methods and performance standards are appropriate to the region.
  • Develop national and regional capacity for compliance in standards and labelling processes. 


During that time, members of the network received the following benefits:


  • Regular updates regarding the latest developments in lighting efficiency projects and standards.
  • Promotion of national standards and labelling activities to other members.
  • Opportunities to participate in actions to improve national and regional compliance systems.

Although the network is no longer active, the website continues to provide a range of lighting efficiency related policy and technical documents, serving as a resource for policymakers and regulators in the Asia-Pacific region.


Please note that the content of the website is no longer being updated.