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Southeast Asia and Pacific MVE Project webinars

To download the materials from the webinars delivered as part of the en.lighten Southeast Asia and Pacific MVE Project, click on the links below.


Webinar 11: How to Create and Operate a Lighting Product Registration System (August 2015)


This webinar presented an overview of product registration systems and their various uses and users. It also provided practical guidance and insights into global best practices for developing, operating and maintaining these systems, as well as how to develop the actual product registration process.


The webinar was presented by Ari Reeves and Neha Dhingra from CLASP.



Alternatively, click here to access an online version of the audio recording (registration required, but no download necessary)


Webinar 10: Market Baselines and Surveillance for Efficient Lighting Products (July 2015)

This webinar provided an introduction to the development and use of market baselines as a tool for informing national policies for energy efficient lighting. It explained how to establish market baselines and how to update them through market monitoring; and described the different ways in which they can be used. It also included a summary of the activities, findings and lessons learnt from a recent lamp sampling study carried out in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam as part of the UNEP-GEF en.lighten initiative, Southeast Asia and Pacific Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement Project, supported by the Australian government. The presenters were My Ton, on behalf of CLASP and Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk from IIEC respectively.



Alternatively, click here to access an online version of the audio recording (registration required, but no download necessary)


Webinar 9: Best Practices for Enforcing Efficient Lighting Regulations (May 2015)


This webinar provided practical, in-depth guidance on the role of enforcement in the monitoring, verification and enforcement process and how it can be integrated into national compliance strategies for lighting. It also provided examples of enforcement implementation in Southeast Asia and the lessons that can be learned from these. The presenters were Nicole Kearney from CLASP and Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk from IIEC respectively.



Alternatively, click here to access an online version of the audio recording (registration required, but no download necessary)


Webinar 8: CIE Test Method for LED Lamps (May 2015)

This webinar provided a detailed overview of CIE standard, CIE S 025, Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules, including its development, purpose and use, what it does and doesn't cover and how to meet its requirements.The presenter was Mr Tony Bergen, Secretary of CIE Division 2, which is the division of the CIE that deals with physical measurement of light and radiation.


Alternatively, click here to access an online version of the audio recording (registration required, but no download necessary).


Webinar 7: Communication of Lighting Product Performance Standards and Labelling Programmes to Supply Chain Providers (April 2015)

This webinar investigated some of the complementary strategies and tools for communicating lighting product performance standards and labelling programmes to supply chain providers and presented a framework through which communication programmes can be developed and delivered to best suit local culture and practice. The presenters were independent expert, Stuart Jeffcott, and UNEP consultant, Steve Coyne.


Alternatively, click here to access an online version of the audio recording (no download necessary).


Webinar 6: Lamp Product Performance Tests and Interpretation and Use of Results (March 2015)

This webinar explored the role of laboratory product testing in the monitoring, verification and enforcement process.  Participants received practical, in-depth guidance on the product testing process for single-ended omni-directional lamps, the interpretation of test results and the use of test results to inform MVE activities and other policy developments. The presenters were Li Jayond and My Ton representing CLASP.



Webinar 5: Evaluation Indicators of Efficient Lighting Programmes (January 2015)


This webinar provided an introduction to the generation and use of indicators to support regulators as part of MVE activities for efficient lighting products. The presentation introduced the types and uses for indicators, as well as how to develop indicators within the policy context. It included practical considerations such as registration systems integration, sampling and quality. The presenter was Kevin Lane, an expert consultant for UNEP.



Webinar 4: Lighting Product Registration Systems: Design and Operation (December 2014)


Based on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, this webinar provided guidance on establishing a registration system for lighting products while identifying key components of the underlying database structure and pitfalls to be avoided. The presentation also provided an insight into the primary requirements of the various user platforms. The presenters were from ICF International.



Webinar 3: Testing Lamp Efficacy, Lumen Maintenance, Rated Life and Uncertainties (October 2014)


The minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) component of an energy efficient lighting strategy should provide evidence of a net benefit to the consumer. Analysing the cost benefit equation for various lamp technologies requires representative data for certain critical parameters. This webinar described these lighting parameters; explained their influence on cost benefit calculations; offered an insight into the laboratory procedures used to measure them; and explained the concept of uncertainty in measurement and the effect on confidence of outcomes from energy efficient lighting programs.



Webinar 2: Developing a Legislative Framework to Support Successful MVE Activities for Energy Efficient Lighting (August 2014)


Successful monitoring, verification and enforcement (MVE) activities require a well-defined and robust legislative framework that enables all aspects of MVE to be carried out in an effective manner. This webinar highlighted the key elements to tailor a legislative framework and legal structure to sustain successful MVE activities for energy efficient lighting. The presenters were Mr. Brian Bryne from the Australian Government and Mr. My Ton from CLASP.



Webinar 1: Lighting Product Benchmarking as an Energy Baseline for Change (July 2014)


Benchmarking existing lamps, and their usage in a given market against more efficient alternatives, provides insight into the potential savings and benefits. This assists country regulators in setting targets for energy efficiency programs. This webinar highlighted the key aspects of benchmarking activities to ascertain the current (baseline) energy use. The presenter was Mr. Steve Coyne, UNEP Consultant, who specializes in lighting, photometry and daylighting.