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Documents from the APEC LED and workshops in Singapore, November 2011

67 representatives from 23 countries participated in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation LED Workshop – Policies to Protect and Educate Consumers, which was held in Singapore on 1-2 November 2011. The Workshop was a part of the Singapore Lighting Energy Efficiency Week, sponsored by APEC, the Australian Government, and organised by the Asia Lighting Compact.


The participants recognise the widespread adoption of the LEDs has the potential to help the Asian region to address energy efficiency, energy security and climate change concerns. However, low-quality LED lighting products represent a significant barrier to the full adoption of the technology and to the realisation of the consumer and environmental benefits.


The workshop was organised as a mechanism for Asian policy makers identify the areas of LED quality that may concern consumers, potential solutions to these areas of concerns, and whether these solutions could be harmonised across the Asian region.


Following the workshop, a working group also discussed how actual implementation of outcomes could occur rapidly.


Copies of all the presentations and the report from the workshop and working group are provided below. The report and alternative links to the APEC LED workshop presentations can also be found on the APEC website.

APEC LED Policy Maker Workshop




Workshop Report




Day 1 Presentations (9MB)


Day 2 Presentations (8MB)

lites asia Working Group




Day 3 Presentations (1.3MB)


We are also pleased to include this link (updated in November 2013) to the consumer information booklet on LEDs presented by our Japanese delegates.


Singapore Lighting Energy Efficiency Week Group Photo


In session photo