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UNEP-GEF enlighten initiative Prototype Lighting Product Registration System

As part of its Southeast Asia and the Pacific Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement (MVE) Project, the UNEP-GEF en.lighten initiative, with funding from the Australian Government, has developed a prototype registration system to illustrate the capabilities and highlight the benefits of product registration systems. The prototype enables those who wish to implement a fully operational system to do so more quickly and easily because they have a model on which to base their system.


Policymakers may review the prototype and consider whether to use it (in whole or part) as a basis for their product registration systems. The prototype registration system is informed by global best practices and contains the essential elements of a registration system, including user input forms, data tables and output reports. The registration system has separate login credentials for applicants, regulators and administrators to ensure smooth processing of applications.


Applicant portal – an applicant-supplier/manufacturer/trader must be registered in the system before their products can be sold in the market. The applicant may also track the status of their application on applicant portal. The prototype registration system provides examples of both online and offline forms.


Regulator portal – demonstrates a platform for regulators to review and approve applications and product analysis. The regulator has the ability to approve, revoke or refuse an application. It also has advanced features such as ability to extract sales, data, testing facilities data, report generation and analysis.


Administrator portal – manages the smooth administration and functioning of all accounts. It has all the features of applicant and regulator portal and the ability to solve any issues.


To test out the prototype registration system click the link below: