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Delhi 2012

The sixth meeting was held in New Delhi, India on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 October 2012 and the inaugural 'Informing the Supplier' workshop was held on Thursday 4 October 2012.


The documents from these meetings are available below.




Meeting report


Meeting report Appendix 1: Resolution Supporting the Proposed IEC Technical Specification on Self Ballasted CFL Performance Tiers


Welcome and Introductions - David Boughey


IEC and Regional Standards and Technical Support


Outcomes of IEC Lighting Meetings in Beijing (September) - Rachman Mustar 

Global Efficient Lighting Centre - Li Xiaoxiao 

Regional Lighting Centre for South East Asia - Jayantha Suribandara 

UNEP en.lighten Initiative - Kathryn Conway


Other Developments in LED and Solid State Lighting Standards and Performance


Update on the IEA’s SSL Annex Activities – Steve Coyne and David Boughey 

Additional Test and Performance Criteria for LEDs Operating in Tropical Conditions – Steve Coyne 

A Consumer Guide to Buying Good Quality LED – Stuart Jeffcott Collaboration Project Updates


Communications Material Library – Moira Mathers 

Labelling Supervision Survey – Mark Ellis; Labelling Supervision Survey project description

Training for Testing Laboratory Staff – Kathryn Conway


Environmental Issues


Extended Producer Responsibility and Lamp Recycling Facilities in the Philippines – Raquel Huligana 

Indian Lamp Recycling Programme – Shyam Sujan 

Progress with International Mercury Convention – David Boughey 

Safeguarding the Environment and Health – Stuart Jeffcott


Indian Lighting Policy and Standards


Indian Lighting Policy and Promotion of Efficient Lighting – S P Garnaik 

Lighting Standards and Labelling Requirements in India and the challenges in making quality standards - P K Mukherjee 

Lighting in India: the Manufacturers’ View – Shyam Sujan


Updates on the Latest Policy Development in Lighting from Participating Countries


Update on Australian Lighting Initiatives – David Boughey


National Updates from Other Participants and an overview of the US Energy Star program:


Sajjadul Bari - Bangladesh

Irosha Kalugalage - Sri Lanka

Puneet Randeo - US Energy Star


Group photograph


Informing the Supplier


Presentations from Participating Countries on National Standards and Labelling Requirements:


David Boughey - Australia

Li Xiaoxiao - China

Awangi Riyadi - Indonesia

Raquel Huliganga - Philippines

Asawin Asawutmangkul - Thailand

Bui Ngoc Bich – Vietnam


Introduction to the UNEP en.lighten Initiative – Kathryn Conway