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UNEP/ meeting 3-4 February 2015, Bangkok, Thailand



Meeting communiqué


Meeting report


Day 1


Welcome from host country - Danai Egkamol, Deputy Director General, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Thailand


Opening remarks - Kaveh Zahedi, Director, United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UN ROAP)


Summary of past meetings - David Boughey, Assistant Manager, Lighting and Equipment Energy Efficiency, Australia Department of Industry and Science


Meeting introduction and agenda overview - Gustavo Mañez, Project Manager, en.lighten initiative, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


Brief country updates on lighting policies – Country delegates


Update on Australia activities - David Boughey


Progress of international working groups:



Perspectives for efficient lighting standards regional harmonization - Gustavo Mañez


Panel Discussion: Industry perspective on the need for compliance


Facilitator - Steve Coyne


Panellists - Bryan Douglas, Global Lighting Association

                 Kitti Sukutamatunti, Illuminating Engineering Association of Thailand
                 Ardi Moeharyoso, Indonesia Electrical Lighting Industry Association
                 Zheng Xuesheng, China Quality Certification Centre


Establishing a regionally coordinated enforcement framework - Huw Jones, Senior Enforcement Support Manager, National Measurement Office, United Kingdom


Registration databases and compliance - Nicole Kearney, Senior Associate, CLASP


Day 2


Welcome and summary of Day 1 - Gustavo Mañez


Panel discussion: Short and long-term funding prospects for the transition to efficient lighting


Facilitator - Anthony Watanabe, Asia Clean Innovations


Panelists - Rakshya Thapa, UNDP

                 Rajiv Garg, UNEP
                 Asad Mahmood, ENERCON Pakistan
                 Mek Meksarikul, Kasikorn Bank


CFL and LED lamp market sampling - Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk, Project Director, International Institute for Energy Conservation


Testing activities - Liu Qian, Deputy Director, Global Efficient Lighting Center


Other activities and upcoming resources - Marie Leroy, Consultant, UNEP en.lighten initiative


Robust MVE systems as the cornerstone of efficient lighting programmes - Steve Coyne


Regional harmonization of MVE schemes in Asia - Nicole Kearney


National perspective from Thailand - Kritika Rasisuddhi, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

                                                       Pitarn Chaichinda, Illuminating Engineering Association of Thailand

                                                       Promoht Unhavaithaya, Thai National Committee on Lighting Standards


Summary of outcomes - Mozaharul Alam, Regional Climate Change Coordinator  for Asia and the Pacific, UNEP; Gustavo Mañez; David Boughey




Group photograph


Bhutan and Bangladesh delegates

Cambodia delegates

Chinese delegates

Indonesia and Indian delegates

Lao PDR and Maldives delegates

Maldives and Indonesia delegates

Myanmar and Viet Nam delegates

Nepal and Myanmar delegates

Philippine and Pakistan delegates

Thailand and Philippine delegates

Thailand delegates


General delegate photographs (zip folder)


David Boughey

UNEP and DEDE panel members