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Eighth meeting 2-3 October 2013, Manila, Philippines



Meeting Report


Day 1


Welcome and introductions - Melanie Slade/Loreta Ayson

Discussions and outcomes of recent IEC lighting meetings - Owen Manley

IEA 4E SSL Annex standards and performance specifications - David Boughey

Intelligent System Lighting (ISL) standardization activity for electrical energy saving - Youjin Kim

CIE global LED test method - Tony Bergen

Updates on LED quality, standards and regulation

Korea - Seongkuk Hur

Lighting Asia - Russell Sturm

Policies on energy efficiency standards and labelling in the Philippines - Mirna Campanano

The Philippine lighting industry: Past, present and future - Raquel Huliganga

Update on the collaborative labelling survey project - Moira Mathers

Start of an evaluation of - David Boughey


Day 2


Street lighting: An overview of key issues in the management of street lighting - Steve Coyne

SEAD street lighting selection tool - My Ton

The approaches to street lighting in member countries

Indonesia: Ardi Moeharyoso

Korea: Quality of street lighting - Seongkuk Hur

Korea: Street lighting management - Tae-Gyu Kang

Thailand: Pitarn Chaichinda

China: Zhang Wei

Regional review of lighting standards, labelling and capacity issues - Stuart Jeffcott

UNEP en.lighten initiative update - Gustavo Manez


Any other business


Update on Minamata Convention on Mercury - David Boughey


Photographs Philippine Stakeholder Workshop




Introduction to and key messages and outcomes from meeting - David Boughey

Regional review of lighting standards, labelling and other capacity - Stuart Jeffcott

National approach to standards and labelling in lighting and the disposal of waste lighting products at the end of life

Korea - Su-Hyeon Jeong

Indonesia - Awang Riyadi

Australia - David Boughey

Thailand - Pitarn Chaichinda


Any other business


 IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking lighting phase-out introduction - Stuart Jeffcott