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Efficient Lighting in Asia: Regional position paper on current status, opportunities and constraints

Almost all countries in the Asia region have government policies targeted at improving the efficiency of lighting in the domestic, commercial and/or industrial sectors.  Policies range from relatively simple replacement subsidy and awareness campaigns, through to fully developed programmes that have successfully removed the least efficient lighting products from the market.


However, prior to, and during the lifetime of the initiative, a number of constraints have been identified which are limiting the ability of regional governments in Asia to progress their efforts to improve efficient lighting. Therefore, based on available evidence, has drafted a regional position paper which seeks to identify and summarise:


  • The potential energy, cost and emissions savings that are possible with a continued move to more efficient lighting in the region;
  • The current policies targeting the improvement of lighting efficiency of countries in the region, and the opportunities to accelerate the transition to more efficient lighting;
  • The physical, technical and human resources constraints that are limiting the progress of countries in achieving their policy goals;
  • Proposals that may assist countries in delivering higher efficiency lighting and yielding maximum benefits without hampering national economic and social development goals or other international commitments.
The paper has been prepared by the secretariat based on the knowledge and experience gathered by the secretariat during the four years that has served as a forum for national lighting efficiency regulators and policy makers in the region. During the preparation of the paper, additional information and comments were provided by contacts in relevant government, institutions and standards agencies in 13 countries in the region.
To download a copy of the draft position paper, click here.